Services at JMS!


Includes: 5 Quarts Of Oil, Filter, Lube Filter Disposal and Tax.

Also included, we proactively check lights, tire pressure, belts, shocks, etc. to locate any potential problems your vehicle maybe having. FREE quotes for any potential repairs.


Your vehicle safety is our number one concern.



tiresWe carry many tire sizes in stock, offering a FREE quote for any tire need. If we don’t have them in stock, we can get them quickly! Remember to check your tire pressure often. It helps to improve fuel economy and prevents tire wear.

Our prices are very hard to beat!




trans-workTransmission repairs are performed at JMS, as well as fuel pump repairs. Removal and installation are efficiently handled, with the use of our state of the art hoists and equipment. From a fluid flush, to transmission replacement, we do it all.






Exhaust a bit loud ? No problem, as we repair ALLexhaust makes and models of vehicle exhaust. We keep them running quiet.





Don’t be stranded with a dead battery. JMS offers a full line of batteries and auto accessories. We will test and repair your charging system.

We also offer alternators, cables and coolant flush to keep your vehicle in top shape.








We work with electrical repairs, tire repairs, trailer wiring, wheel bearings and repack.

We offer a full line of auto repairs!


We have a small but cozy waiting area while we work on your vehicle. Let all of your vehicle concerns be addressed by our friendly technicians.



JMS is committed to performing quality repairs, at an always reasonable price, with a guarantee on all of our repairs. We proactively check your vehicle, belts, tires, etc. for any wear and tear to ensure safety on the road. We can also schedule you for regular preventive maintenance, as the season’s change.

JMS has many alternatives at hand to perform any vehicle repair on your car, as quickly and efficiently as possible. JMS offers a complete line of repairs for any vehicle. We are committed to satisfy all our customer needs. See Mike at any time with questions or concerns you may have. Get a FREE quote for any repair on you’re vehicle that concerns you. JMS also offers FREE local pick-up and delivery of the vehicle to our customers. NO job is too big, or too small! We repair it all!

Our hours of operation:
Monday thru Friday 8:00AM – 5:30PM

Phone: 320-485-2261 or 320-485-4213

Ready to assist you for any auto repair needs.

Always FREE Quotes, ask for Mike!